Raw Essence


Hay, pine and beeswax form the heart of Julie de Mol’s collection of outdoor scents for the home. Rather than reproducing these scents however, Julie uses the fragrant raw materials themselves in three ‘scent sculptures’. Two of her aromatic eyecatchers are assembled to create a specific bouquet while also evoking the intimate nature of a living space. Created for the kitchen, the third object absorbs smell instead of releasing it. The material, shape and function of the essences and absorbents in each piece are inspired by the use of such raw materials in history and their power to influence our wellbeing and surroundings.

Tekst Julie de Mol

  1. De Bloemenier
  2. Crossing Parallels
  3. Alicia Minnaard
  5. Projecten
  6. AD HOC
  7. Asha Swillens
  8. Scarred Vessels
  9. Ubuntu
  10. Improvisaties op locaties
  11. Chair no. 14
  12. Harmen Brethouwer
  13. Pollinators Paradise
  14. Raw Essence
  15. Trade Union
  16. SNURK
  17. Scholten & Baijings
  18. Woven Willow voor te
  19. Pine Skins