Woven Willow for te

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Scholten & Baijings

Woven Willow consists of eight different objects based on the contemporary handwriting of Scholten & Baijings, in perefect harmony with a traditional Dutch 17th century weaving technique. With this technique the willow wicker is cleaved and planed into very small pieces, and used almost as textile.

Old technique

Their fresh and innovated approach to this very old technique has resulted in a brightly coloured collection. The wicker as well as the grid of the woven willow inspired Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings to combine several materials in their designs. For the “tape bowl” and the jug “grand bernard” the willow wood even completely disappeared,the only memory an imprint in the glass.

Woven willow has been included in the permanent collection of the Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen

Serious Business | Foto: te

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