Take care of old objects

Reparatie wieg
Crib | Photo: Esmé Hofman

Craft starts with attention for the past. I use my knowledge of the traditional crafts when reconstructing an old crib or restoring grandma’s bag.


During my four-year education in Lichtenfels (Germany) designing and making basketry furniture was an important part of the training. There I build a strong foundation for an interesting branch of my basketry studio. I restore common cane and rush seating but also design chairs with a wide range of materials. Now and then I work on a prototype for a new piece of furniture or make a new seating design.

Bas van Pelt I Photo: Esmé Hofman


Basketry is vulnerable. When used for many years, affected by climatic influences or eaten by bugs it can be necessary to restore an object. Restoration is always carried out with respect for the object on hand. Sometimes a chair needs more than just a new seat then I work together with professional woodworkers. Sometimes the materials used are not woody but more textile or synthetic. As an all round crafts woman I am familiar with almost every textile and basketry technique used in my craft.