Ad Hoc I Foto: Florence Louisy

    The art of tapestries has without any doubt a marvelous narrative purpose.

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  • Pine Skins

    Pine Skins I Photo: Sarmite Polakova

    Enhancing a closer relationship between people and trees.

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  • Transitions

    Transitions | Photo: ©Émile Barret

    Transitions – An Ongoing Operation on Change.

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  • Crossing Parallels

    Crossing Parallels | Foto: Amadine David

    Amandine David: “I want to explore learning as a design approach”

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  • Woven Willow

    Colorring I Photo: te

    Woven Willow consists of eight different objects based on the contemporary handwriting of Scholten & Baijings, in perefect harmony with a traditional Dutch 17th century weaving technique.

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  • Harmen Brethouwer

    Plain Style No1 I Courtesy: Gallery Hidde van Segelen

    A special collaboration.

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  • Asha Swillens

    Asha Swillens | Photo:Mo Swillens

    Oversized hats.

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  • ANNY & Esmé

    Wicked Light | PHoto: Hermien Keegstra

    The designers of ANNY& are skilled in designing. Our craftsmen are very good at making things.

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  • Basketclub


    Basketclub was founded in 2020 as an Instagram-based initiative. It plays by a simple set of rules.

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  • Trade Union

    Trade Union I Photo: Rachel Griffin

    Vessels woven from a starch-based plastic which is industrially-produced, but naturally biodegradable.

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    Ubuntu | Photo: Agata Karolina and Nichon Gerlum

    “Ungamntu ngabanye abantu,,

    People are people through other people.

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  • Scarred Vessel

    Scarred Vessel I Photo: Anne Couillaud

    Leather is a noble material.

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