Trade Union

Trade Union I Photo: Rachel Griffin

Basket Series

Oak, Solanyl Bioplastic and Willow
Limited Edition
Supported by Meldon Plastics

Vessels woven from a starch-based plastic which is industrially-produced, but naturally biodegradable. Revisiting traditional methods using an industrially produced “natural” material suggests a new relationship between industry and craft; a marriage of industrial chemistry and traditional knowledge that allows for a more flexible system of production and design.

Fascinated by the divide between craft and industry, Rachel Griffin was inspired to bring these two seemingly disparate worlds together. The result is a series of vessels called Trade Union. While the vessels are hand-woven using age-old techniques, they are made from an industrially produced starch-based bioplastic called Solanyl. “This new ‘natural’ material is the bridge between industry and craft,” Griffin explains, “which allows us to view these two worlds from a new perspective.”

Earnest Studio comprises Netherlands-based designer Rachel Griffin. Her work involves in-depth research of traditional and industrial production methods while looking for innovative ways to address sustainability. The studio works on a combination of self-initiated projects and industry collaborations.