“Ungamntu ngabanye abantu; People are people through other people”

Project from Agata Karolina Handles made by Esmé Hofman (ESH Vlechtwerk)

In Xhosa philosophy UBUNTU implies an inextricable link between a person and his or her community.
Unity of community is at the heart of the Southern African culture.

Inspired by this understanding, UBUNTU was conceived. It aims to transform traditional craft methods and ancient traditions with Western influences, methods and materials, in order to bring the extraordinary community; which is Southern Africa, to light.

In a country with 11 official languages, and a mix of several different races coexisting together, South Africa truly is a rainbow nation. The beauty of this mixture is the tolerance and understanding which has developed between peoples. Although each race contains divisions in tradition and practices, each group holds a understanding and respect for one another’s traditions and cultural behaviour. There is a special unspoken commitment to one another, that has developed a sense of their common; it is this very sense of common which inspired the creation of UBUNTU.

Tekst: Agata Karolina

UBUNTU consists of three parts; The Funeral, The Marriage and The Traveller

Agata Karolina

Pictures copyright of Studio Agata Karolina

Photo credits to Agata Karolina and Nichon Gerlum

  1. Crossing Parallels
  2. Harmen Brethouwer
  3. AD HOC
  4. Asha Swillens
  5. Wicked Light ANNY& Esmé
  6. Projects
  7. Chair No. 14
  8. Pollinators Paradise
  9. Scarred Vessels
  10. Ubuntu
  11. Trade Union
  12. Pine Skins
  13. Woven Willow for te
  14. Matmatic