Harmen Brethouwer

“A special collaboration”


Harmen Brethouwer (Aalten, 1960) at the beginning of the nineties of the last century he developed an overall concept for his art, which he has maintained since . In two basic forms – the spatial conical ‘menhir’ and the flat square panel on the wall – traditions, techniques and visual languages from all countries and times pass through. ‘Antiques of the future,’ says he, ‘that’s what I want!’

No 2

Untiteld I. This cone is purchased by museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

For more information about Untitled 2 feel free to contact me.

  1. Crossing Parallels
  2. Harmen Brethouwer
  3. AD HOC
  4. Asha Swillens
  5. Wicked Light ANNY& Esmé
  6. Projects
  7. Chair No. 14
  8. Pollinators Paradise
  9. Scarred Vessels
  10. Ubuntu
  11. Trade Union
  12. Pine Skins
  13. Woven Willow for te
  14. Matmatic