Functional and non-functional objects

Vessels / Photo: Esmé Hofman

In 1994 I started as a traditional basketmaker working with whole willow rods. Now, over 20 years later, I make objects and utensils for other designers and my own collection. I make utensils as bags, bowls and jewelry boxes. But also non-functional objects involving the form and not the function. This approach gives unprecedented freedom in material and technique use and promises to be another long and educational path. A search for combinations between my own craft and other crafts, techniques and materials. Color and form have their own new role in my work.

No boundaries?

As material forming techniques weaving with willow rods and weaving with textile materials have more similarities than differences. Needle lace and looping are textile techniques and terms for the same technique. Meeting and sharing materials and techniques is an inspiration and enrichment for all craft areas. Especially in lesser-known basketry techniques like coiling, looping and plaiting contemporary weavers and textile workers find each other. I am familiar with textile and weaving techniques. In my own collection I search the border between textile and basketry that often results in fascinating combinations in material and technique.