Miniature skeinwork

1:12 | Photo: Esmé Hofman

Exquisite willow skein work is also applied in the little baskets found in dolls houses. The long history of skein work becomes obvious when we view the dolls houses from the 18th century found at for instance Het Haags Gemeentemuseum or Het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Almost all baskets found are made from fine willow skeins.

Fine details

All baskets show very fine details and are made with even more attention than it’s bigger examples. What makes these small baskets even more special is that they show us how the decoration of an 18th century house in Amsterdam looked like as the small items are exact replicas. The baskets show the highest level of craftsmanship and measure often not more than a few centimetres. On command, I design new models or make a replica of the old pieces.