The art of tapestries has without any doubt a marvelous narrative purpose.
Until today the fine craft related to textile enabled us to understand parts of our history. We tend to ignore, whilst facing such work, that this medium had an important role in the equilibrium of the interior. Tapestries, are not only a great decorative element of our interior, they play a role in the acoustics of a room as well as in keeping the cold and damp out of our living.

Ad Hoc is a project highlighting the utility of tapestry.

As its narrative can explain, this tapestry is focusing exclusively on the functional mission it could have within a space. The design is based on the simplest and commonly used material. A material to have proven its efficiency in terms of isolation since centuries: the straw.
An abundant and cheap material, with a considerable power absorption. It is used since the dawn of time behind the walls of our houses. Ad Hoc reveals the beauty of the material as well as its strength. Looking at our interior trends of nowadays, tapestry has an important role to interpret from past.


  1. Alicia Minnaard
  3. Projecten
  4. AD HOC
  5. Asha Swillens
  6. Scarred Vessels
  7. Ubuntu
  8. Improvisaties op locaties
  9. Chair no. 14
  10. Harmen Brethouwer
  11. Pollinators Paradise
  12. Raw Essence
  13. Trade Union
  14. SNURK
  15. Scholten & Baijings
  16. Woven Willow voor te
  17. Pine Skins
  19. Wicked light by ANNY& Esmé