Craft by Nature

Because the future of crafts is in nature

Biobased Creations wants to show that the future of crafts is in nature. It is unbelievable what kind of materials we can create if we listen to nature. Whether it is wood, plants, algae, mycelium, bacteria, waste streams from food or even the sewage, we can build and create with it. Discover the possibilities in the installation, called Craft by Nature. Craft by Nature portrays a house turned inside out. The furniture is in the garden and the walls came loose so that you can see inside the house. Visitors walk around the house and discover furniture and other objects made from nature, shown next to the nature they are made of. The garden grows real plants and the plants grow the furniture as to say. Inside you’ll find a smaller house. Come on in to experience the future of building. It shows that craft by nature is beautiful, necessary and already possible today. We want to change the conversation form “is this ever possible?” to “how are we going to do this properly together today!”

Detour / Craft by Nature

In the installation Craft By Nature you can discover different projects and designers.
First of all we present mainly Dutch and Hong Kong based designers who work with nature to create beautiful furniture, clothes, sculptures and objects for everyday life. We insisted on collaborating with local designers because we believe that the future of a liveable and healthy Hong Kong lies in building and creating more with nature. This means that we need to grow local crops and use local waste streams to make local biobased materials. So we need to celebrate the local plants and the local biodesigners because they are the real stars of this installation. To inspire every visitor on the possibilities of a Hong Kong biobased economy, we chose to only show work from Europe made from plants that can grow in Hong Kong. The biobased future of Hong Kong has already started.

Secondly we bring over two walls from our famous installation The Exploded View Beyond Building, an exposition in the shape of a house, portraying over 100 different biobased materials. These walls prove that building with nature is not something for the far future but can be done already today and on a realistic scale. We want to inspire the constructors, architects and designers in Hong Kong to look into biomaterials that capture CO2, create healthy houses, are reusable and circular. In the Netherlands they are already using biobased materials in real buildings and there are many options to do the same in Hong Kong with locally grown materials. These two walls could also be made in Hong Kong.
If you want inspiration on what other biobased materials are available to build with, you can check out our installation the Nature Building Kit. This beautiful, modular installation, showcases over 40 biobased materials that can be used in insulation, construction or (interior) design. Every material is detachable from the installation. As a visitor you can take each material in your hands, feel it, smell it and scan the QR code for more information on how it’s made and by whom. The playful kit is an overflowing source of knowledge on all kinds of biomaterials. All with the sole purpose of inspiring you that that future might be greener and healthier than ever.


Concept & Design: Lucas De Man en Pascal Leboucq, Biobased Creations
Craft by nature is made possible by deTour 2023 and thanks to Bruns and Globe Creative

In collaboration with:
Anumo x Stijn van Aardenne, Buro Belén, Company New Heroes, Ecoboard International BV, Esmé Hofman, HuisVeendam, Iris Veentjer, Jing-Cai Liu, Klarenbeek en Dros, Morphramics, NEMO Science Museum, NPSP, Sebastian Cox, Studio RYTE, Studio Samira Boon, The Fabrick Lab