Philosophy for Storytelling

“Can a basket function as a framework for looking at the cultural landscape around us and defining ourselves within it”

Website Basketology

Below a text out cut from a theoretical and visual research developed by Ada Popowicz

“Basketology is a philosophy for alternative storytelling. Informed by Le Guin’s explorations, it sees the spear as a manifestation of modern narratives of discrimination, excuses, exclusion and domination, and the basket as a tangible metaphor of all the perspectives that could be told in their place ( or rather as their context, extensions, net- replacing of one hegemony with another os to be avoided). As much as the linear and binary construction of the spear ( and it’s aggressive, dominant cultural connotations) relate to the colonial and patriarchal attitudes it represents, the basket , as a woven, entangled object, beautifully illustrates the overlooked possibilities of MULTI-DIRECTIONALITY, PLURALITY-NON-ABSOLUTNESS and RECEPRIVITY.”

Text: Ada Popowicz