Crossing Parallels


“I want to explore learning as a design approach”

Exploring parallels between the basketry technique of coiling and 3D printing. The result is an
archive of diverse artefacts ranging from samples and experiments to functional objects — a testimony to the value of design as a collaborative process.


Usually designers only seek craft knowledge in the production phase, and not during the research beforehand. With ‘Crossing parallels’, Amandine David involved craft masters right from the start to discover extra creative opportunities.


By working together with master basket weaver Esmé Hofman and 3D-printing artisan Joris van Tubergen, the value of the work goes beyond a final object, sharing the failures and innovations happening at every stage of the process.

  1. Een mandeken in fijne teen
  2. Masterly the Hague 2019
  3. Marry a Crafts(wo)man
  4. Zo goed als nieuw
  5. HOW & WOW op de DDW 2019
  6. HOW & WOW
  7. DH9
  8. ILAVY
  9. De Bloemenier
  10. Crossing Parallels
  11. Alicia Minnaard
  13. Projecten
  14. AD HOC
  15. Asha Swillens
  16. Scarred Vessels
  17. Ubuntu
  18. Improvisaties op locaties
  19. Chair no. 14
  20. Harmen Brethouwer